INLDT Research Areas - Public Safety

RiotThis particular areas brings the extensive experience and expertise resident at Penn State's Institute for Non-Lethal Defense Technologies out of the government and into more "civilian" areas where physical security is a concern.  Whether it is personal protection or school safety, organizations beyond the military and the police have emerging requirements to protect persons and property.  In many cases, it involves protecting our most precious asset, our children.  We have seen with increasing frequency, terroristic attacks and actions against the innocents among us.  The need for improved protective technologies and systems to deter or delay acts of violence until proper ghovernment authorities can respond has become very obvious and important.  Whether the venue is a large, visible private company site or oepration, or a small rural school house, key stakeholders within the community at large recognize the need for an enhanced ability to identify threats and ward off attacks of any kind, whether domestically or internationally generated.

Civil Conflict

Penn State's Institute for Non-Lethal Defense Technologies with its ability to quickly constitute very strong technical, scientific and engineering-based project teams and rapidly respond to sponsor requests make it one of the premier "go to" research organizations in the world.  Drawing on over 14 years of experience and a reputation for consistently high quality, professional results, INLDT has made and continues to make significant contributions in this area.

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