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  • We make available for download a number of non-lethal technology Publications and Reports covering non-lethal studies, field tests, and research are provided in this section (in PDF format).
  • We provide a list of Recommended Web Links that provide more information about non-lethal technologies and their use in the field.
  • Often new technology brings about new Terminology. This section provides definitions of terms often used in non-lethal technologies.
  • The INLDT offers several Training & Education resources.

Guidebook for Less-Lethal Devices - click anywhere on the image below to open the guidebook. Or click HERE to download a PDF of the Guidebook.

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We offer several videos. Use the player below to select, play, enlarge, or to visit our site on YouTube.

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" The only source of knowledge is experience .”  
Albert Einstein

Subdued RioterLess-lethal technologies enable our peace-keepers to subdue non-compliant subjects with a reduced risk lethal force.