International Law Enforcement Forum (ILEF)

ILEF - A Professional Forum on Minimal Force Options

ILEF Grouping

This initiative is part of a continuing effort to bring together the international community of law enforcement practitioners in examining minimal force approaches to conflict resolution – focusing on the technologies, training requirements, and policy issues surrounding less-lethal (less-than-lethal) weapons, and related use of force.

The growing level of violence associated with public protests coupled with the challenges of everyday law enforcement dealing with aggressive individuals, provides an increased sense of urgency for identifying broadly accepted (international) approaches for employing minimal force options. It underscores the need in the law enforcement community for trusted agent evaluations of the existing and emerging less-lethal technologies that are ostensibly designed to assist law enforcement officers to manage conflict.


The International Law Enforcement Forum (ILEF) is a network of security professionals that spans the globe. Penn State administers ILEF with Colonel Mazzara serving as Executive Director, supported by an Advisory Board and participation by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and the European Working Group (as well as Australia / New Zealand / Canada).

Policy Advisors
NIJ & Northern Ireland Office (NIO), ACPO
ACPO, US/ UK Police, &
Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs)
Penn State, UK Home Office, PSDB, & the European Working Group (EWG), Canadian Police Research Center (CPRC)
US/UK Police LEAs
Best Practice Guidance
ACPO, Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA), NIJ
UK Home Office, Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), Penn State, EWG, Canadian Police Research Center (CPRC)

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To achieve, as soon as practicable, a position in which manufacturers and suppliers are encouraged to produce individual less-lethal systems and emerging technologies that better meet the needs of law enforcement agencies on an international basis. This would be accomplished in accordance with the mandate of the United Nations Basic Principles on the Use of Force and Firearms; consistent with civil and human rights standards in the local jurisdictions; and through the development of internationally agreed upon approaches to operational requirements, the identification of effects, standards in respect of the development and testing of individual technologies, and sharing information on trialling and the monitoring of outcomes.

To provide expert technical and policy support for developing capabilities of the international law enforcement community in relation to minimal force options and less-lethal concepts, in order to enhance their collective ability to resolve potentially violent encounters, increase public and officer safety, and to establish, maintain, and improve public order while safeguarding civil liberties.

The Forum provides the opportunity for professional discussion by practitioners on the development of new concepts, operational analysis and operational requirements in the area of minimal force options and less-lethal technologies. It provides and fosters subject matter expertise in operations, policy, technical evaluation, testing, training, human/medical effects, and legal implications.


  • Operational needs/requirements definition
  • Standards and test criteria
  • Effectiveness and Medical Outcomes
  • Policy analysis
  • Less-lethal database support
  • Guides, reports and handbooks


Colin Burrows
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Andrew F. Mazzara
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